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Retirement plan excellence is not just about great service. It’s about helping produce great outcomes. Welcome to iJoin.

Your success in a competitive market depends on better ways to deliver – and quantify – superior plan performance. And you need the ability to demonstrate how you help produce better retirement outcomes.

You need:

A goal-based enrollment or re-enrollment experience

A next-generation QDIA / Managed Account Program

More actionable data on plan-success metrics to share with plan sponsors

Better ways to engage participants and encourage successful savings behaviors


iJoin is a better way to handle enrollment or re-enrollment.

iJoin’s paperless enrollment and re-enrollment features are amazingly easy to use. More importantly, iJoin has essential data from the recordkeeping platform that makes it possible to calculate the retirement goals for all employees, then helps them optimize savings and match rates for long-term success.


iJoin is a next-generation QDIA / Managed Account Option.

iJoin’s QDIA / Managed Account Program is based on Liability Driven Investing, goal-based principles that have guided defined benefit plans for decades. iJoin’s methodology considers income, savings, outside assets, location, age and many other factors to determine the retirement income an individual saver needs.


iJoin makes plan-success data actionable.

iJoin makes information immediately useful by showing you performance across all plans and participants. See data trends on participation, savings rates, savings success (on path) and more. Reports to plan sponsors and participants bring the message home with clear and simple summaries of plan health and plan-success.


iJoin is a better way to engage participants to encourage successful savings behaviors.

iJoin helps you drive value through event-driven, customizable email campaigns. Target plan participants with timely messages that encourage successful savings behaviors. Put your brand and message forward at regular intervals and at important moments to help clients.

Let’s talk about how iJoin works and how it can work for you.