A Personalized Goal-Based Experience Starts With Enrollment

At iJoin, we believe it’s essential to engage with people as early as possible to encourage them to optimize their retirement plan participation.

We start with a personalized, goal-based enrollment experience that connects with new participants wherever they are, on any device they prefer.

We know that everyone’s financial situation is unique as their retirement income goal. To calculate the funding of that goal, iJoin draws on essential data from the recordkeeping platform to determine each person’s retirement income need. Then we encourage them to optimize their savings and match potential to get on a path to long-term success.

The iJoin experience quickly answers the most important questions savers face:


How much money will I need to save for retirement?


How much do I need to contribute?


Am I saving enough?


What if I work longer or contribute more?

iJoin advisor dashboard on a laptop computer

You asked for easy

iJoin presents a seamlessly integrated, super-easy, paperless process that eliminates work for advisors, recordkeepers, employers and their employees. No more cumbersome setup, deployment or data-capture headaches. Finally, a frictionless enrollment process for every stakeholder.

iJoin is a better way to handle enrollment and re-enrollment.

Enrollment and auto-enrollment have become highly productive actions to boost participation, but many participants or eligible non-participating employees have never seen a personalized, goal-based understanding of their retirement path. As powerful as iJoin is as an enrollment experience, it offers an equally compelling opportunity for re-enrollment.

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Let’s talk about how iJoin enrollment works and how it can work for you.