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Goal-Based Enrollment   //   Advisor Managed Accounts   //   Retirement Income   //   IRA Rollovers   //   Participant Engagement  //  Plan Success Reporting   //   Education and Wellness






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TWG Benefits Enhances Advisor-Led Experiences with iJoin

August 03, 2020

iJoin’s goal-based participant experience and active engagement capabilities will elevate TWG’s partnership with retirement plan advisors 

TWG Benefits, Inc. (TWG) and LDI-MAP LLC (d.b.a. iJoin) have announced an agreement to incorporate iJoin’s goal-based retirement plan experience into TWG’s 401(k) open architecture offering. Headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, TWG partners with advisors to serve more than 600 retirement plans. The addition of iJoin enables TWG to differentiate its enrollment and engagement model with a highly personalized experience tightly integrated with its recordkeeping platform.

“These first 40 recordkeepers have a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace today and we’re going to do everything we can as a technology partner to help them maximize that advantage.” - Steve McCoy

TWG’s collaborative model with financial advisors focuses on expert plan design to optimize implementation, plan utility, and user success. iJoin’s goal-based enrollment and engagement platform makes it easy for TWG and its advisor partners to present a superior initial participant experience that leads to personalized engagement campaigns. iJoin’s technology also gives advisors actionable and sharable insights across all plans as it compares plan performance against industry benchmarks and identifies plan and participant trends for follow-up action.

TWG Principal Haskel Weiss said

“iJoin is a real differentiator when it comes to partnering with advisors. It evolves conversations with plan sponsors from funds, fees and fiduciary issues to talking about how they are helping create better retirement outcomes.”

In its initial participant experience, iJoin answers the questions most people have about saving for retirement: How much will I need? Am I saving enough? How do I get on track? The application calculates each individual’s unique retirement funding goal based on their age, income, savings, location, gender and many other factors and then encourages them with specific and timely actions to help them reach their goal. TWG Principal Adam Weiss added

“It’s one thing to talk about goals. It’s another to deliver tangible results. We believe iJoin will help us do that.”

Steve McCoy, CEO of iJoin, noted

We’re excited to partner with TWG. They have long been an advocate for better technologies and best practices in elevating service delivery and supporting relationships. We’re looking forward to helping them introduce iJoin to their advisors and plans.”

 If you would like to learn more about iJoin, contact us.

 About TWG Benefits:

TWG Benefits provides daily valuation recordkeeping, actuarial, and third-party administrative (TPA) services to over 600 retirement plans with approximately 25,000 participants and plan assets in excess of $1 billion. TWG is headquartered in Northbrook, IL and maintains a physical presence in strategic regional markets to serve its nationwide client base. TWG is a second-generation family business that has helped people build wealth for a financially secure retirement across four decades. More at https://www.twgbenefits.com/.