iJoin EXPLORE Q&A for Partners

How We’re Democratizing Financial Planning for Better Retirement Outcomes

iJoin EXPLORE is an extension of the participant experience that engages users to take steps towards long-term financial security. Here are answers to a few questions you or clients may have about how it works.

How is EXPLORE different from other learning / coaching modules?
EXPLORE is different in three important ways:

1. It is embedded in the iJoin user experience whereas most offerings require a user to log in to third party sites to access information and learning experiences.

2. The actions a user takes to add information updates their iJoin goal projection and the recordkeeping platform with requested changes.

3. Activity is gamified as users move along their success path.

How is EXPLORE personalized to each user?
Unlike other educational, wellness, and planning tools that start from a blank slate, EXPLORE presents each activity based on information unique to each user’s data and goal projection.

How many activities does EXPLORE

EXPLORE contains more than a dozen activities designed to help users improve their long-term savings prospects. They cover areas of the retirement plan experience, financial wellness, and financial planning.

What does the user “journey” lead to?
The metaphor of the user journey is a trekker along a learning path. The user moves along their path to success as they complete activities. In future versions, we look forward to tying other incentives to the experience.

Can a user go through EXPLORE in any order?
Yes. While there are some retirement
plan activities all users are encouraged to
complete, they may visit any activity in any
order to learn about or act on financial needs they may have.

Do actions taken by a user in EXPLORE update iJoin and the recordkeeping system?
Actions taken to maximize the employer match or add outside assets update iJoin’s goal projection and, as appropriate, update the recordkeeping system.

Can I enable EXPLORE for some or all plans?
Yes, you may choose to enable EXPLORE globally or on a plan-by-plan basis.

How can I add EXPLORE to my client

Contact iJoin Sales about licensing EXPLORE for your plans. Once licensed, the functionality becomes an integral component of your iJoin user experience without the need to install or maintain an additional product.