iJoin Encourages Action With “It’s Go Time” Campaign

October 12, 2022

The messaging to be delivered alongside industry partners reflects a shared readiness to deliver on outcomes  

It's Go TIme Logo

LDI-MAP (d.b.a. iJoin), a leader in retirement plan technologies has introduced “It’s Go Time,” an industry call to action and messaging campaign that reflects the evolution of technology—available today—that fully enables service providers to deliver on the promise of better retirement outcomes for millions of people.

As a shared messaging campaign, “It’s Go Time” video, social, and email messages will be available as unbranded assets for all industry partners to use natively in their own campaigns.

The rationale for the campaign is simple: The retirement plan industry has created opportunities for tens of millions of people to save more for retirement. Yet, it’s a glass half-full for two well-known reasons:

  1. Insufficient coverage: More than 60 million people still do not have access to a workplace retirement plan
  2. Lack of goal success: Of those participating in 401k and other plans, too many have balances inadequate to provide income through retirement

Many industry leaders agree that a successful retirement plan experience that can deliver on the promise of better outcomes at scale must include five key elements:

  1. A goal-based, personalized financial planning experience for every employee
  2. Simple, effective communication to change behavior and encourage action
  3. Financial education to address debt, budgeting, and long-term savings
  4. Easy and more cost-effective professionally managed account programs
  5. In-plan annuity products to de-risk portfolios and provide guaranteed retirement income streams

“It’s Go Time” reflects iJoin’s judgment that these essential requirements are not aspirational as some would state, but are, in fact, operational and available today. And, as millions of people await this solution, there is no time to waste. It’s go time.

iJoin’s CEO Steve McCoy explained, “Our goal is simple: to help more people achieve retirement income security. Today, we have the tools, technologies, products, and integrations to deliver on this mission.” He continued, “The campaign is not about iJoin. It’s about all of us working together to deliver on the promise of the 401k system.”