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Goal-Based Enrollment   //   Advisor Managed Accounts   //   Retirement Income   //   IRA Rollovers   //   Participant Engagement  //  Plan Success Reporting   //   Education and Wellness






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American Trust Leverages iJoin to Fuel Growth

February 03, 2022
iJoin’s industry-leading technology helps American Trust meet critical go-to-market requirements and scale BPO offerings.

Franklin Templeton Logo AT Retirement Services, LLC (“American Trust”), an EdgeCo Holdings, LP company, and LDI-MAP LLC (d.b.a. iJoin) have announced a five-year extension of their agreement under which American Trust will deploy iJoin as a core component of its technology strategy to scale in-house retirement plan programs, as well its rapidly growing BPO white label institutional offering. By leveraging iJoin, American Trust is able to accelerate growth with a highly competitive personalized, goal-based retirement plan enrollment experience, managed account program, and engagement engine for advisors.

Micah DiSalvo, Chief Revenue Officer for American Trust, commented, “It’s one thing to aspire to scale, it’s another to deliver a superior user experience supported by technologies that are at once flexible and robust to meet the business requirements of our clients and partners. iJoin has helped us come to market sooner with a well-differentiated offering that has reduced cost, risk, and importantly, time-to-market when you compare it to building and supporting a solution in-house. It made great business sense to extend this relationship and lean into the future together.”

The American Trust – iJoin participant experience presents an individualized enrollment, managed account option, education and financial wellness offering tied to each user’s unique story and path. iJoin’s access to deep, real-time data from American Trust’s recordkeeping platform powers advisor-friendly data analytics and real-time insights on plan health and participant success trends. Data-driven insights also fuel customizable branded email campaigns that target participants who need help.

American Trust’s deployment of iJoin also includes EXPLORE, a native education and financial wellness extension of the participant experience that draws on the same underlying data to present a personalized path to learning and optimizing each user’s financial future. User inputs in EXPLORE automatically update iJoin and the recordkeeping system, eliminating additional logins and manual entry to sync data changes.

Steve McCoy, CEO of iJoin, added, “We strongly believe the winners ahead will be those companies who invest in technology and rapid business performance improvements to deliver a highly-personalized, cost-efficient goals-based savings experience and advisor managed account program. This is what it will take to meet the industry coverage challenges at scale. American Trust is doing just that. It’s no wonder American Trust is one of the fastest growing companies in our industry.”

About American Trust

American Trust is a leading, full-service provider of retirement plan solutions to advisors serving the small- and mid-sized plan market. With offices in Dubuque, IA, Memphis, TN, Lexington, KY, Greensboro, NC, and Denver, CO, American Trust and its affiliates bring together the cornerstones of a quality retirement plan including plan design, fiduciary oversight, cost efficiency, service, and technology. American Trust is a brand name used by affiliates ‘American Trust Company’ and ‘AT Retirement Services, LLC’ in marketing services to the retirement plan industry. AT Retirement Services, LLC is not a trust company and does not provide fiduciary services. For more information, visit www.americantrust.com.