iJoin ACT takes the cross-plan participation and readiness information of iJoin VIEW and makes it actionable.

Recordkeepers and advisors can easily deploy custom email campaigns to reach people not on track and encourage simple steps to improve their savings path. Branded, turnkey email messages are easily managed based on known at-risk criteria.

iJoin MAP screenshot

iJoin ACT includes user-scheduled campaigns to message participants across plans who are:

  • Eligible, Not participating
  • Short of goal (general)
  • No iJoin Visits in x days
  • Not maximizing match
  • Forthcoming Eligibility/iJoin Intro
  • iJoin MAP Intro/reinforce
  • Short of Goal By Age Groups
  • Short of Goal By Income Bracket
  • Terminated w/ a balance
iJoin ACT dashboard

Messages gently remind readers about opportunities to improve their path and outcomes and link to iJoin or participant portals to take next steps.

Email campaigns are fully hosted on iJoin and require no setup or maintenance by advisors or recordkeepers. All templates are partner-branded and are fully editable.

iJoin ACT can help you leverage plan participation and engagement data to easily convey your value and intention.