Early starts lead to long term results.

At iJoin, we believe it's essential to engage with participants as early as possible to encourage them to optimize their plan participation.

Strengthen your role as trusted advisor to the plan with a great enrollment experience that produces
analytics and insights.

Engage with participants on their terms.

If you’re going to encourage retirement plan participants to act, you need to engage – on their terms. That means educating and suggesting simple options when and where and how it works best for them. iJoin's mission is to help financial advisors like you engage participants in a way that supports our shared goal of creating better retirement outcomes.

Experience a new level of efficiency by viewing activity and performance data across all plans and participants.

Streamline Enrollment

iJoin consolidates the enrollment process for you and participants, enabling clients to have a more productive enrollment experience that leads to dramatically improved participation.

Dashboard Analytics

Display plan and participant data from all recordkeeping platforms to help you assess and report success.

Detailed Reporting

Gives you the quantitative ROI and success metrics to share with plan sponsors. These critical insights support your value proposition and your role.

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iJoin’s Advisor Dashboard is designed to support meetings by highlighting key success metrics and trends.

Dynamic Advisor Dashboard 

iJoin's dynamic Advisor Dashboard instantly provides you an in-depth view of your entire book of business at both the plan and participant level detailing what matters most. Track plan investments to participant-level details and use our tools to generate reports for client meetings.

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