iJoin ENROLL screen

iJoin ENROLL- A Better Enrollment Experience

iJoin ENROLL is an anywhere, anytime mobile experience designed to make it easy for employees to get started or re-enroll.

iJoin ENROLL is easier for everyone involved. It presents a seamlessly integrated, super-easy paperless process that...

  • Streamlines setup for the advisor and recordkeeper
  • Presents a white label, advisor-centric introduction to the retirement plan
  • Eliminates all paper data entry, capture and transmission
  • Makes it easy for advisors, recordkeepers, employers and their employees.

No more cumbersome setup, deployment or data capture headaches.

Leverage iJoin Technology

As a retirement plan professional, you know how hard it is to get the attention of plan participants and guide them to act. iJoin's industry-leading, mobile-friendly solutions make it easy for employees to enroll and make timely decisions that help create positive outcomes.

Actionable Plan Success Data

iJoin VIEW for advisors puts real-time plan success metrics at your fingertips - across plans. Much more than a dashboard, it presents actionable information on plan success metrics that supports more productive conversations with employers.

iJoin ACT makes this information even more useful through easy-to-produce plan sponsor reports and targeted messaging campaigns to reach plan participants with updates and invitations to engage.

Talk to us to learn more about how you can leverage plan participation and engagement data easily to convey your value and intention.

Our enrollment and advisor analytics work together to help you compete and succeed.

iJoin ENROLL helps retirement plan participants get started on the path to saving for the future.

iJoin ACT's custom messaging continues the conversation and encourages them to engage and save more.

iJoin ACT Smart Messaging Dashboard